Why Do We Fear?

Fear is an emotion among different others found within us. These emotions help us to react to certain situations and make us feel more like a human. Everybody feels it but it doesn’t mean that they have to live with it. With time it is important to control over fear. Or else soon it may turn into phobia. Phobia is much more difficult to treat and takes longer time. But despite that we all wonder that why do we fear on several situations which weren’t that frightening.

Why Do We Fear?

First of all fear happens at unknown experience. It may be an object, a situation or even some living organism. It makes us defensive. Our mind analyzes situation and accordingly the level of degree occurs. For example we fear before giving an examination. We also fear when we jump from airplane for the first time for paragliding or any other sport. It happens in all situations but it’s the level of tension that it causes us that matters the most.

If we let the fear to happen every time with increased tension then it’s not good for us. We need to overcome our fears to live a successful life. Experiencing fear is not bad but letting it overcome us is bad. If you allow your boss to mock you in public every time which you don’t like then it is fear. You have fear of losing job. You have fear of self doubting which makes you feel incapable of better future. That fear is present with you and makes you feel less confident about your own self.

In situations like these it is important to overcome fear and act bravely. By standing up to your boss and telling them to stop is an act of bravery despite experiencing fear.

Bravery and Foolishness

Fear gives us to options : fight or flight. Using our presence of mind and resources available we act accordingly. We have to understand the difference very well between these two terminologies.

It is wise to act bravely upon fear but only if when we are not putting self or others in any trouble. Since there are certain situations where anyone will frighten for their lives like getting caught in bank robbery. In that situation it is wise to think before act. Only in movies it is possible to do some heroics liking beating all the goons and saving the day. In reality it is altogether a different scenario.

Anything can happen and it might be life threatening too. So before doing something foolish and thinking its bravery, think for sometime. We get afraid for our life here. Acting in such situations will define the act as an act of bravery or act of foolishness.


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