Control Your Mind & Achieve Anything

A Great leader has said “I fear the one who has controlled his mind”. Mind is the key for every great thing we have ever wanted in our lives. It has the power to turn impossible into possible. It can be great asset but also a great enemy if left uncontrolled. But how can we control our mind? How can we control our thoughts? How make our mind work for our goal? Watch this short & informative video to understand the simple process. You can control your mind and achieve everything.

Control Your Mind & Achieve Anything

We have continuous thoughts emerging in our mind. They may be progressive thoughts or maybe without any reason. The most important factor is to control mind. In order to do so we have to take care of following steps:

  • Positive thoughts will manifest into a positive result. The intentions behind any task should be positive. This is also identical as Law of Attraction. When we think and speak positive, we get positive outcome. Thoughts possess very power. Because thoughts helps us to think in some certain way. That thinking process makes our behaviour in the same way. So our behaviour becomes the way we think. That’s why it’s important to think and act positive.
  • Listening helps in getting a good control over self. When we listen we learn new things for our development. Listening to others helps in creating discipline in our lives. People generally listen to reply not to understand. No matter the situation and circumstance, listen completely. Our mind gets in our control when we listen properly and thus we get more successful.
  • A person becomes more successful when they know themselves. We become stronger than before when we know our weaknesses. To know own self better, introspection is a must. Through introspection we become able to improve our strengths and know our weakness. A problem becomes half solved when we know the reason. After knowing the reasons we become more aware about self and improve. Hence, introspection should be done after regular intervals.

This is how we can control our mind. We can take help of Self-hypnosis to implement these steps. Self-hypnosis helps us to get a better command over our mind and thoughts.

To learn more about mind control, watch the following video:

Help of Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis works on our subconscious part of mind. With the help of hypnosis we can eliminate any negative element we feel we have within us. Therefore self hypnosis will play a vital role in our development. It helps in increasing peace and calmness within self.

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How to Appear Confident Always?

Confidence is the key to success. It makes our life easy and smooth. No matter what the obstacle is, confidence helps us to get over it quickly. In today’s time everyone wants to look confident to get success in every aspect of life.  But still sometimes we feel how to appear confident always. Because at some part of the day we feel less confident. However there are certain steps which helps us to appear confident always.

How to Appear Confident Always ?
  1. Stand Up Straight: Confidence gets reflected a lot from our body language too. Our standing posture shows how much confident we are. A confident man/woman will always stand with straight back. This comes automatically with high confidence.
  2. Keep Chin & Head Up: Now in this we need to have little precautions. This gesture fills negative pride too so according to situations we need to keep them up. Head and chin up shows that person has self respect and confidence.
  3. Keep Hands Out of Pocket: This gesture exhibits reserved nature. Also when a person is afraid of opening up, he/she keep their hands in their pockets. This gesture highlights lower confidence. Never keep your hands in your pockets.
  4. Gesture with Palm Upwards: In body language when palms are shown upwards, the positive gesture is highlighted. This shows that the speaker is confident and has nothing to hide. Always talk in such gesture with hands.
  5. Maintain Eye Contact: Have a good eye contact with the other person. Just keep in mind that the staring at eyes shouldn’t become staring. It helps in gaining trust of other person. Also it helps in increasing the confidence of the speaker.
  6. Smile: This is the most powerful tool in the world. Not only it helps in overcoming problems of self. It also helps making the other person smile as well. Smile is contagious and it should remain like that always.
  7. Firm Handshake: Now this is where confidence is revealed. A firm handshake tells how much self confident the other person is. A weak handshake signifies the weak personality.

The above mentioned steps will help us to appear confident even when we are not. By slowly adapting these steps into habit, our confidence starts building up.

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How to Appear Confident Always


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Hypnotize Anyone Without Telling Them

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. It helps in improving our mental strength. Hypnosis is practiced since ages and has several recorded examples as well. Being a hypnotherapist you have to understand personality of your patient. Everyone has different personality and thus different techniques are used. However sometimes you can hypnotize anyone without telling them. There are just few things which we need to keep in mind.

How to Hypnotize Anyone Without Telling Them ?

Why is there a need for a therapist to hypnotize anyone without telling them? First of all, hypnosis does not mean mind control. So in hypnosis the control remains with the patient. The patient comes to a therapist with a hope as well as a fear. The issues and problems make their life uneasy and they come for the treatment. But they have this fear of hypnosis alongside. They do not know what happens in hypnosis and the fear of unknown makes them stay defensive.

In such situations the hypnotherapist uses the indirect approach of hypnosis. These techniques do not follow the traditional methods of inducing hypnosis. After carefully analyzing the personality of the client, the technique of indirect hypnosis is used.

Techniques of Indirect Hypnosis
  1. Confusion: Hypnosis works at sub conscious state of mind. The confusion makes the conscious mind occupied. Thus the path to subconscious mind becomes easy. Hypnosis becomes easy to perform. This allows the hypnotherapist to carry out the therapy quickly with the patient.
  2. Unbalance: In this process also the intention is to make conscious mind occupied. With the help of some exercises  the balance is made to lose. As long as conscious mind takes time to regain control, the induction of hypnosis takes place.

Like the above mentioned techniques, several more are practiced in indirect hypnosis. This technique is innovative and quicker than direct hypnosis. To under stand the concept clearly, watch the following video.

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Create a Mark with Handwriting

Handwriting is the language of our subconscious mind. Whatever we write gets directly stored in our subconscious part. With the help of handwriting we can change our own self. It becomes easy to start changing. We can create a mark with handwriting in our life.

There are several changes we need to go through. After all getting empowered requires certain amount of dedication. Hence to experience the positive change, following positive changes must take place in handwriting.

Create a Mark with Handwriting

With the following 3 changes in our handwriting, our personality changes.

  1. Optimism: This word defines the required state of mind. When we are positive and optimistic then every obstacle seems small. Through our handwriting we can bring this into our personality. While writing we just need to keep the slant upward from right side. It shows the mental attitude of the writer. Therefore the optimism gets inserted in our personality.
  2. Persistence:  The formation of small letter ‘t’ and ‘f’ helps us in persistence. While forming the alphabets the bar used while forming t and f need to have a small bubble on left. The bubble adds up in increasing persistence. The more we get into habit of forming this bubble, more we will have persistence.
  3. Enthusiasm: The never ending spirit is a must for success. An enthusiastic person keeps the energy up and positive. In handwriting there is a small change which we need to make. While forming the bar of alphabet ‘t’, the bar should be excessively long. The longer t bar helps in creating a longer enthusiasm.

To understand the concept properly, watch the following video:

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Keep Conversation Going

A good orator always attracts attention. There is a reason behind it. They have good command over their language. They know when to talk, where to pause. Where to look while speaking. And the most important, the know how to keep conversation going. People love to be around them.

To understand this is not rocket science. You can too develop this art of keeping conversation going. There are few things which we need to remember and bring into practice. We have narrowed it down to 4 points when followed will help us always. Hence the attention of the crowd will be upon us.

Keep Conversation Going
  1. Most Common Mistake: Let us begin with the mistake. It is a very common and very popular mistake done by many of us. In conversation we all love to talk and make others listen. But this is the biggest mistake we commit. Because others lose interest when they don’t get chance to talk. Be a good listener instead of a talker. It will make your feel more reliable and people will come to you to share.
  2. Conversation Starters: Choose conversation starters carefully. As it is said that first impression is last impression. These starters do the same thing for you. While talking to anyone single person or group, start with them. Sometimes when other person asks something then we reply with yes or no. This ends the hope of continuing the conversation in the other’s person mind. Answer well and allow them to speak about themselves. Ask about their life and living. This won’t let the conversation end.
  3. Stop Checking Yourself: There is a reason why people end up developing stage phobia or fear. They worry too much about what to say and what others will think about it. If you too do the same then the fear will not leave you and there won’t be any conversation to start. Keep talking on whatever you wanted to talk with this thought in mind that people are loving you. The confidence will rise and the conversation will keep on going.
  4. Communicate Positively: Here comes the role of your body language. Content of conversation is important but what more important is that how you talk. You always should have a smiling face while talking. There must be healthy amount of eye contact with the audience. By looking into eyes of others, our confidence increases. Confidence in body language enhances the impact of conversation. Welcoming body language welcomes the appreciation.
Points to Remember

Whenever you want to talk to someone just think they want to hear you. They came to you just to listen you talk. With such positive affirmations the confidence enhances on every word spoken. However we need to make sure that we follow etiquette of talking.

Allow the other person to speak and don’t interrupt until they are finished. These gestures will increase your respect in the society. Along with the increased self respect as well.

To have better command over communication and increased confidence, use self hypnosis. It is a great self help to boost our confidence and remove any inhibition likewise. Know more about self hypnosis and it’s content by clicking here.

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Keep Conversation Going


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Beware of Such Handwriting

Handwriting analysis helps in knowing people. Through a sample of handwriting, a lot comes out. With handwriting we know about their positive and negative personalities. It is not necessary to know the writer in person. Although it gives an upper hand to have good company. So with this knowledge we can help our self to become better. However there are negative people too. Always beware of such handwriting which indicates negative traits.

Beware of Such Handwriting

There are few indicators which help us to know bad elements in people along with positive ones. Following indicators will help us to know people more deeply. They are visible in small circular alphabets like a, c, e, o, g,d, and few more.

  1. Double Hook Formation: This formation indicates that the writer is evasive. They do not like being told something to do. Hence from every work they will try to escape. But they will escape by telling lies. They won’t be straightforward in any circumstance which they find difficult to handle.
  2. Loop from Left Side: This loop indicates tendency to self deceit. Such writers develop misconceptions and consider that to be true. Therefore they will tell you a lie as a truth. You know what is truth but will not accept it. Such people are hard to work with and they maybe won’t follow rules which go against their misconception.
  3. Loop from Right Side: This formation of loop shows secretiveness. The writer will not be 100% honest. Whatever they want to hide, they will hide. No matter how important that detail was for you. Such writers can also leave you hanging in between by not telling everything.
  4. Double Loops: Now this formation is the one where writes lies on purpose. They pose the different risk for others. If you are thinking of doing some partnership with them then precaution is advised. They may lie whenever they feel like for their benefit. That lie may cost you a lot in many ways.

The indicators which we have shared above gives us some insight about the writer. One thing is to be kept in mind. The indicators above show the respective personality only on repetition. We can say that the person is self deceit only when those indicators appear more often.

This is not exact or complete analysis about the writer. There are certain different psychological tests which help in bringing out more definite result.

Graphology however, helps us to know a lot about writer. It is not important that we know them. But still we get the idea about their personality because handwriting doesn’t lie.

If you want to know about these indicators in detail, then watch the following video:

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Hypnotic Trance

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. The person under hypnosis experiences trance. This is hypnotic trance. The trance allows a person to feel something beyond real. That is one of the reason hypnotherapists say deep trance during a session.

What is Hypnotic Trance?

This is a state of mind where conscious mind is less active. The hold is of subconscious mind. Hypnosis works with subconscious state of mind. The hypnotic trance allows the work of hypnosis to work efficiently.

The capacity to accept suggestions and affirmations become better. The hypnotherapy works with help of effective suggestions. Hence the mind becomes more acceptance to change. The imagination becomes stronger and mind believes it to be true.

This all becomes possible under hypnotic trance. It takes time to go deep into the trance. There are several ways to make the trance deeper. Progressive relaxation is one of the medium to make trance deeper.

Likewise the trance allows the person to feel relaxed and happy. Hypnotherapy is done to treat several psychosomatic issues. When client experiences change in himself then the trance makes him more relaxed and happy.

Use of Hypnotherapy

It is useful in healing and treating psychosomatic issues. The trance helps in creating the hypnotherapy more successful. Issues like depression, anxiety, stress, less confidence, stuttering, and similar issues are treated with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is more successful because it has zero recorded side effects. It is one of the fastest and effective healing therapy than others. The concept is based on the power of trance and suggestions.

As a result the outcome is better than others. To understand more about the hypnotic trance, watch the following video:

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Hypnosis with Finger Tip

Hypnosis is a very effective healing therapy. It provides treatment quicker than other communication therapies. There are several techniques of conducting hypnosis too. With experience one can learn to use different technique on different personality. Also hypnosis with finger tip is also one of the method. It is very interesting and informative.

Hypnosis with Finger Tip

Hands are used in numerous techniques of hypnotizing. Similarly fingers can be of use too. Using our fingers we can start hypnosis. This technique is also part of instant hypnosis. With much less time we can hypnotize anyone using our finger tip.

This technique works on the principle of confusion. Since hypnosis works on our subconscious mind. Confusion keeps conscious mind busy. This allows the path to subconscious mind easily accessible.

To understand more about the technique, watch the following video.

Learn Hypnosis

There are several courses which allows one to learn hypnosis. Most noteworthy part is this that hypnotherapy can be used professionally too.

Self hypnosis allows a person to heal itself. There is no need for the support of someone else. It is a powerful and effective mode of self healing therapy.

Likewise we use hypnotherapy to treat other too. Several psychosomatic issues gets treated through hypnotherapy. As a result people feel better and relaxed than before.

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Final Steps before Hypnosis Session

Hypnosis is an effective healing therapy. It is very beneficial in providing relief from several psychological issues. A hypnotherapist takes care of every step in the process. In this blog, final steps before hypnosis session are discussed. There are several pre-session activities too.

Final Steps Before Hypnosis Sessions

Now the client is with you. You have built up the rapport. Also you have taken care of other necessities. So now comes the final steps. Following are few of the steps which we have to take care of:

  • Yes Mode: The client has to be taken into yes mode. It means that the client will cooperate with you. You do not have to tell the client about the importance of this process.
  • Imagination: Hypnosis works on imagination and visualization. Imagination plays vital role to induce hypnosis effectively. Client should be asked about imagination before starting session.
  • Relaxation: It will allow the smooth flow of hypnosis. When client is relaxed, the mind becomes peaceful. Therefore the success of the session becomes higher.

Like this there are few more final steps before hypnosis session.

To understand more, watch the following video:


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Hypnotize with These Instruments

Hypnosis takes place with the help of suggestions. That is the primary necessity of a hypnotic session. But to make the hypnosis stronger, we can use certain instruments. There are several instruments used for the strengthening of hypnotherapy. You can also hypnotize with these instruments. The main requirement is to have proper knowledge of using these instruments.

Hypnotize with These Instruments

Following is the list of few instruments which helps Hypnotherapy:

  1. Pendulum: It is a tool. It is the most famous tool linked with hypnosis. Pendulum is not the costly and is very easy to carry too. It help the hypnotherapist to carry out hypnosis with maximum efficiency. It helps in creating illusion and confusion. Thus helping the hypnotherapist o carry out hypnosis.
  2. GSR: It is also called Galvanic Skin Response. It is helpful in measuring depth of hypnotic trance. It is more of purpose for hypnotherapist. Apart from other indicators, GSR will allow to know the state of trance. The readings will change according to the depth of trance. Thus if readings change then hypnotherapist knows what to do next.
  3. Crystal Ball: The client is told to focus on crystal ball. The process involves about focus on the ball. It may be big or small. Maybe of any material. But it helps in increasing the focus. And helps the hypnotherapist alongwith to bring out the change in state of mind.

Like these there are more instruments too. These instruments are used based on their scientific application. The instrument may be big or small. They have equal and vital usage in hypnotherapy.

Importance of Instruments

Since hypnosis is an art which involves both physical and metaphysical concepts. It is always in debate since the beginning. People have several misconceptions too about this science. These instruments help in clearing off the air.

The instrument bring out the results based on scientific analysis. Their design allows several psychologists and hypnotherapists to carry out new thesis. It also helps hypnotherapist to excel his/her skill. Thus it also helps the client to see the results in front of them too.

To know more about the instruments and their usage, watch the following video:


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