Create a Mark with Handwriting

Handwriting is the language of our subconscious mind. Whatever we write gets directly stored in our subconscious part. With the help of handwriting we can change our own self. It becomes easy to start changing. We can create a mark with handwriting in our life.

There are several changes we need to go through. After all getting empowered requires certain amount of dedication. Hence to experience the positive change, following positive changes must take place in handwriting.

Create a Mark with Handwriting

With the following 3 changes in our handwriting, our personality changes.

  1. Optimism: This word defines the required state of mind. When we are positive and optimistic then every obstacle seems small. Through our handwriting we can bring this into our personality. While writing we just need to keep the slant upward from right side. It shows the mental attitude of the writer. Therefore the optimism gets inserted in our personality.
  2. Persistence:  The formation of small letter ‘t’ and ‘f’ helps us in persistence. While forming the alphabets the bar used while forming t and f need to have a small bubble on left. The bubble adds up in increasing persistence. The more we get into habit of forming this bubble, more we will have persistence.
  3. Enthusiasm: The never ending spirit is a must for success. An enthusiastic person keeps the energy up and positive. In handwriting there is a small change which we need to make. While forming the bar of alphabet ‘t’, the bar should be excessively long. The longer t bar helps in creating a longer enthusiasm.

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Beware of Such Handwriting

Handwriting analysis helps in knowing people. Through a sample of handwriting, a lot comes out. With handwriting we know about their positive and negative personalities. It is not necessary to know the writer in person. Although it gives an upper hand to have good company. So with this knowledge we can help our self to become better. However there are negative people too. Always beware of such handwriting which indicates negative traits.

Beware of Such Handwriting

There are few indicators which help us to know bad elements in people along with positive ones. Following indicators will help us to know people more deeply. They are visible in small circular alphabets like a, c, e, o, g,d, and few more.

  1. Double Hook Formation: This formation indicates that the writer is evasive. They do not like being told something to do. Hence from every work they will try to escape. But they will escape by telling lies. They won’t be straightforward in any circumstance which they find difficult to handle.
  2. Loop from Left Side: This loop indicates tendency to self deceit. Such writers develop misconceptions and consider that to be true. Therefore they will tell you a lie as a truth. You know what is truth but will not accept it. Such people are hard to work with and they maybe won’t follow rules which go against their misconception.
  3. Loop from Right Side: This formation of loop shows secretiveness. The writer will not be 100% honest. Whatever they want to hide, they will hide. No matter how important that detail was for you. Such writers can also leave you hanging in between by not telling everything.
  4. Double Loops: Now this formation is the one where writes lies on purpose. They pose the different risk for others. If you are thinking of doing some partnership with them then precaution is advised. They may lie whenever they feel like for their benefit. That lie may cost you a lot in many ways.

The indicators which we have shared above gives us some insight about the writer. One thing is to be kept in mind. The indicators above show the respective personality only on repetition. We can say that the person is self deceit only when those indicators appear more often.

This is not exact or complete analysis about the writer. There are certain different psychological tests which help in bringing out more definite result.

Graphology however, helps us to know a lot about writer. It is not important that we know them. But still we get the idea about their personality because handwriting doesn’t lie.

If you want to know about these indicators in detail, then watch the following video:

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Do Not Trust this Handwriting

Handwriting allows us to know about an individual. It is not necessary that you know that person. But you should know how to analyse handwriting. The art of analysing handwriting and signature is called Graphology. With the help of graphology we can know a lot about the person. Hence we also know that do not trust people with this handwriting which will be explained later.

Do Not Trust This Handwriting

There are certain points which will help us to know liars. The alphabets which are useful here the circled alphabets like small a, o, d, g, and such. Following are the points which we need to take care of:

  1. When the circle has double hook formation: This indicates that the writer is ‘evasive’. It will avoid being straightforward or direct. To understand the formation of such alphabets see the following figure.
    double hook formation

    Double Hook Formation in Circle Letter

    2. Loop on the left side of the circle: First we do not have to confuse it with double hook. So the left side of the circle shows that writer is ‘self-deceit’. They do not tell lies often. But they have deceived themselves into believing things that are not true. We can say they tell misconceptions. Following figure shows the loop on left side of circles.

    loop from left side, do not trust this handwriting

    Loop from Left side of the circle

    3. Loop on the right side of the circle: This loop indicates secretiveness. The writer has the tendency to not tell complete truth. The secret may be big or small but it indicates that writer will not tell everything. Telling incomplete truth is also a lie. Following image shows loop from right side of he circle.

    loop from right side of circle, do not trust this handwriting

    Loop from right side of circle

    4. Double Loops on Circle: It indicates that the writer is intentional deceit. It will lie on purpose. They will lie whenever they feel like lying. Following figure shows the double loops.

    Double loops on circle, do not trust this handwriting

    Double Loops on Circle


    To understand the concept more clearly, watch the following video.

Points to Consider

It is very important to check for repetition. One or two instances of formation of any of the above pointers will not analyse the lying nature of the writer. Repetition is necessary.

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Change Your Handwriting & See the Difference

Our handwriting depicts a lot about us. It is connected to our subconscious mind. The way we write influences our behaviour. The slant and spacing also are important components of analysing handwriting. Handwriting is controlled by us. If we want to change our self then we can do it with change in  handwriting too. You change your handwriting and see the difference your self.

Become Dominant

Dominant does not always mean to suppress some one. It also means that you have good leadership qualities. Whenever a good leader speaks, the audience listens. That person is also dominating the society in a positive way.

You too can bring the same change within your self. You can take help of your handwriting too in bring that change. People who are dominant or are good leaders have some similar traits in their handwriting.

The change is made possible by change in alphabet ‘t’.

You just have to make one change in formation of this alphabet. While making the alphabet ‘t’ we make a bar at the top. That bar is known as t bar. So when we make the t bar we have to end it with a blunt force.

The t bar may be long or short but it has to end with blunt force. That pressure or force is the indicator of dominance in the behaviour. Initially you have to make it on purpose. Slowly it will become your habit. Once into habit, it will become your personality.

So with the change in your handwriting, you can change your personality. To become a good leader, a dominant person and a confident role model, one can achieve this by changing their handwriting.

Change in Signature

Signature is the self image of the signatory. The way we think about our own self is reflected in the signature. To feel confident and dominant, we need to accept it. We have to believe that we are dominant and good leader.

To bring this change in self image, we can take help of signature. You may have any kind of signature but if you will put an underline below the signature, it will help in the purpose. The dominate personality is enhanced by the underline. We develop self belief that we are dominant.

This change is self belief also helps in overcoming the self doubt. We become more confident and dominant. Signature also helps us in developing our personality.

You can change your self without going somewhere. Just your persistence is required which will help you in long run. The art of analysing handwriting and signature is known as Graphology. To achieve success and positivity in life and surrounding, one must know about this art too.

To know more about the dominance in behaviour, watch the following video.

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Dominate The World with Your Handwriting

Handwriting is a great tool for analysis. It helps an individual to change. The reason behind this is simple. Whatever we write, it gets recorded in our subconscious mind. So the handwriting also affects the way we think and behave. It helps in bringing change in the behaviour.

Signature also plays the same role. Signature reflects our own self image. What we think about own self gets reflected in the signature. If we want to change our own self image, change in signature will also help.

The study of analysing signature and handwriting is known as Graphology.

Dominate The World

Usually people assume that dominate means to crush someone beneath them. To make someone feel inferior of themselves. So in short, mostly negative approach is associated with this word.  But through positive traits also we can dominate the world.

A good leader dominates the society by showing positive leadership qualities. Whenever he does something then the world follows. This is also dominating. By this the leader is also setting examples to be a good mentor.

Now you can change yourself to be a good leader. Handwriting will also help you in doing the same. A good leader has a confident and strong handwriting. He thinks confident and it is reflected.

How to Dominate the World with Your Handwriting?
  • The alphabet ‘t’ will help you in becoming dominant
  • The small alpabet ‘t’ includes the bar at the top
  • End point of that bar should be blunt and forceful
  • Initially we need to put it on purpose but with practice it will become a habit
  • Once that becomes a habit then mind accepts self to be a good leader.
  • But the force should be measured and it shouldn’t tear the page where you write
Help of Signature

You can also insert dominating nature in self with signature. The signature is a self image of the signatory. There is a small change which we need to make to be more dominating.

  • When you make your signature put an underline your signature.
  • It should not cut your sign by any how
  • The line should be just below the alphabets’

The underline also improves confidence and leadership trait within self. This is a great way of helping self to bring a successful and dominating change in the personality. If you wish to understand the concept via video then you can watch it here.

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Dominate The World with Your Handwriting

Know Someone from Their Signature

It sounds so amazing that one can know about someone without even meeting them. You can also know with the help of handwriting analysis. Handwriting is a very helpful tool to identify someone. Many success gurus and MNCs use this in their practical lives. Handwriting helps us to know about the beahviour of that particular individual. Handwriting analysis also consists of signature analysis. You can also know someone from their signature.

This subject of analysing handwriting and signature is known as Graphology. This was used in forensics and crime labs before. But time is changing and so is the approach of using this art. Not only big MNCs but small recruitment agencies also are doing the same thing. They analyse their candidates based on handwriting too. Through handwriting analysis one can also find about the compatibility of their expected partners. The confidence and personality of the person can also be analysed.

But in all this, how useful is signature for us ? How can we know someone from their signature too ? Let us first understand about signatures first.

Signature Analysis

Signature is the self image of an individual. It reflects the thinking or belief the person has for him/her self.. Signature also plays a vital role in better analysis. There are several patterns of signatures which have different characteristics.

The video presented in blog will help you to better understand about signatures. What can we find from signatures :

  • The confidence of the person is depicted in their signature.
  • You can also know about the loyalty of the other person
  • Do they prefer to live alone or with family ?
  • Are they a team player or solo performer ?
  • The person is honest or has tendencies to lie often

Similarly, there are so many thing we can know about from signatures. You can learn graphology too and become an excellent achiever in your life. Indian Hypnosis Academy provides training for graphology. You can learn handwriting and signature analysis to help self and others. To know more about courses of handwriting and body language, click here.

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Importance of Handwriting Analysis

Usefulness of Handwriting Analysis

Till about a few years ago, handwriting analysis was restricted to forensic labs, crime departments, psychological institutes. Not any more. For example, several corporate firms, hire handwriting analysts to understand the personality traits of their job candidates. They choose handwriting analysis to know how suitable you are for the job you have applied for. Your handwriting can tell your creativity level, leadership qualities, ability to focus and manage people etc.

You should learn handwriting Analysis

In fact, I would go a step ahead and suggest that besides getting your handwriting analysed, you should also know how to analyse handwriting. It can help you in many ways. It will give you access to the inner feelings of the person sitting next to you in office or a friend. If you know how to get along with other people and know yourself a little better, you could be more successful. To know more about the course, click here.

Importance of Knowing Others

A client once told me that he liked a girl in his office, but was very clueless about what she feels because she did not interact much with anyone. He was pushing the envelope too hard, but no success at all. He then showed me her handwriting on an official document she had sent him.

The girl wrote with a left slant and had wide word spacing. The signal was red. The girl’s personality could not have allowed her to turn it green. She was emotionally distant because of bitter experiences in the past. And the matter was worsened because his persuasive behaviour and frequent overtures were strengthening her defence mechanism. The result: the more he pushed, the farther she went away from him.

My client had two options: One, forget about the girl. Two, make her comfortable and instill a feeling of security in her and convince her that she will be safe with him.

If he had known a few things about handwriting analysis, he won’t have pursued the girl so relentlessly. That dogged determination did not work in his favour.

Why bosses should know handwriting analysis

If you are a boss, handwriting analysis can really be an arsenal. You will know that the note from an employee in illegible handwriting and signature means that he will fail as a manager. He will always face communication problems with his colleagues and won’t be successful in keeping his team happy. His constant grouse will be: my team does not understand me. For such a writer, his own ideas will be more important than those of others. He will have no time for others. Hence, one advice to managers is: please write clearly and get rid of illegibility.

Importance of  a ‘correct’ signature in life

Another crucial part of handwriting analysis you can learn is signature analysis. Suppose you hire a team leader with a tiny signature. Do you know what the consequences will be? There will be noticeable indiscipline in your team because people with small signature cannot manage a team. Nobody listens to them.

Similarly, if the handwriting of a manager has too many angular strokes, he will always be mean to his juniors. Steve Jobs of Apple Inc fell under this category. As per handwriting analysis, there are reasons to believe that Jobs was a nasty boss.

Now, you have some idea why you should get your handwriting analysed and learn handwriting analysis. Make use of this easily available tool to know others.

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Importance of Handwriting Analysis