Hypnotic Trance

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. The person under hypnosis experiences trance. This is hypnotic trance. The trance allows a person to feel something beyond real. That is one of the reason hypnotherapists say deep trance during a session.

What is Hypnotic Trance?

This is a state of mind where conscious mind is less active. The hold is of subconscious mind. Hypnosis works with subconscious state of mind. The hypnotic trance allows the work of hypnosis to work efficiently.

The capacity to accept suggestions and affirmations become better. The hypnotherapy works with help of effective suggestions. Hence the mind becomes more acceptance to change. The imagination becomes stronger and mind believes it to be true.

This all becomes possible under hypnotic trance. It takes time to go deep into the trance. There are several ways to make the trance deeper. Progressive relaxation is one of the medium to make trance deeper.

Likewise the trance allows the person to feel relaxed and happy. Hypnotherapy is done to treat several psychosomatic issues. When client experiences change in himself then the trance makes him more relaxed and happy.

Use of Hypnotherapy

It is useful in healing and treating psychosomatic issues. The trance helps in creating the hypnotherapy more successful. Issues like depression, anxiety, stress, less confidence, stuttering, and similar issues are treated with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is more successful because it has zero recorded side effects. It is one of the fastest and effective healing therapy than others. The concept is based on the power of trance and suggestions.

As a result the outcome is better than others. To understand more about the hypnotic trance, watch the following video:

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Reasons of Extra Marital Affairs

A marriage is a scared bond. It ties two souls for life. This is what concept of marriage means. Marriage makes two people trust and support each other in hardest times. Both partners except the love and trust they give in return. But still we hear about several cases of extra marital affairs. In every country and in every city, several marriages are ruined by this element. What can be reasons of extra marital affairs ?

Reasons of Extra Marital Affairs

There are several reasons behind it. Let us first take a look at most common reasons:

  1. Early Marriage: Some people get married very early. Maybe in their early 20s or so. They think that the age when they were supposed to date and go out was ruined by marriage. To bring back that thrill and excitement, they indulge in affairs. Just with an objective to live their wasted time.
  2. Wrong Reasons of Marriage: People also enter the circle of marriage because of many wrong reasons. Society and family pressure is among the few. They marry an unknown person and find it difficult to adjust them. When they find someone more compatible than their current partner, the friendship with them usually end up in an affair.
  3. Unable to Change: Change is a natural phenomenon. We all need to change and does our habits & lifestyle. Sometimes some incident in our life doesn’t allow us to move on. It may be anything and we become vulnerable. Our partner knows that but we don’t find that comfort in that. Sometimes that comfort is found in arms of someone new.
  4. Becoming Parents: Not everyone is mentally ready to shoulder a new responsibility. They are not ready and find it difficult to accept the reality. The extra marital affair starts to find an excuse from the truth.
  5. Emotional Disconnect: Mainly due to lack of communication and lack of time, emotional disconnection happens. Couple don’t talk like they used to before. They are unable to give each other proper time. This causes the either partner to seek that lost emotional support from someone else.

Like above mentioned points, there are several others which ruin the lives of many people.

How to Resolve?

The best solution to such issue is communication. Both partners need to sit down together and talk about differences. But if that is not possible then don’t shy in seeking help. A therapist may help you both in saving your marriage.

Hypnotherapy and counseling will also help you in this regard. The lost love or emotional connection is reconnected. A new change can happen with the help of therapy.

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How to Get Rich with Hypnosis ?

In order to have to have abundance in wealth and prosperity, we need to make our mind rich. Our whole life is spent to earn as much as we can. We are so crazy for money because nowadays without money there is nothing. That’s the sad truth but to survive in today’s world, money is essential. Earning money or getting rich is not difficult, we just need to put our imagination and thoughts into correct directions. How to get rich with hypnosis is the main topic.

How to get rich with hypnosis

The first and most important process in hypnosis is imagination. We need to have clear picture in our bout the money which we want. The goal has to be firm. For example: if imagination is just to get rich then it won’t be that sufficient because mind need to know about the amount. If instead of that, the imagination was done for the calculated amount like 10 Millions US Dollars then it would be more effective. Because now mind knows that 10 Millions is the target and accordingly the subconscious will prepare us. In hypnosis, the imagination need to calculated and exact for money, wealth or any other goal. It need to be specific.

After this comes the next step, which is of affirmations. In hypnosis it is crucial to give positive and supportive suggestions or affirmations. As per the imagination, the affirmations also have to be specific. If goal is to earn 10 Million Dollars then affirmations should be supportive to that. They help us a lot during and after hypnosis to keep the motivation increasing. Hypnosis helps to reprogram our subconsciousness and that part is responsible for every activity we do or thought we think of. When motivation for getting rich is inserted there then the work capacity along with mental upliftment takes place.

where to learn hypnosis?

Now learning hypnosis is simple and fun. You can learn hypnosis or get hypnotherapy session done on yourself. Indian Hypnosis Academy provides both of these facilities to masses. If using Self-Hypnosis for the same then without any external help we can achieve our desired goal. If we are getting hypnotised then also the effect will be similar.

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Self Hypnosis for Happy Mind

Self hypnosis for happy mind is possible and achievable. We know the importance of meditation and it is a great booster for self improvement. The importance of practicing self hypnosis is higher than meditation. Self hypnosis includes meditation through suggestions for a particular cause. In meditation we don’t focus on anything and experience the absolute peace which is again important for us.

But we want to know about the possibility of a happy mind. In today’s world we are becoming quickly prone to stress and anxiety. Even on small matters we become sad and eventually that sadness if not treated develops into depression. In this blog, simple steps are mentioned which help us to attain happy mind. With the help of self-hypnosis, we can develop that happy phase quickly. Of course persistence is a must to attain the desired goal of happiness.

exercise of Self-Hypnosis:
  1. Take a deep breath, inhale and then take a pause for 2 seconds. After that exhale and exhale from nose. Remember to have a smile on your face when you are doing it.
  2. Repeat – ‘I am calm’, ‘I am safe’ and ‘I choose to live in the present moment’. Repeat these suggestions for 5 times at-least.
  3. Now close your eyes and imagine the cutest, funniest and happiest thing that you can possibly imagine. Keep imagining that for 60 seconds.
  4. Now comes the step of little introspection. Ask yourself – ‘Why am I so relaxed’? Take a minute to answer
    Then again ask yourself – ‘Why am I so happy’? Take a minute to answer.
  5. Now comes the last step and now seal the complete process by repeating step 1.

This is a very simple and easy exercise of self hypnosis. This will not only bring happiness to your mind but also the peace of mind & body. Self-hypnosis is very effective self boosting technique which does not require anyone else. Anyone can practice self-hypnosis after learning the complete process. Moreover this technique will also help you to overcome several psychological issues. Issues like anxiety, stress, low confidence, bad habit, hesitation, inhibition, stammering and many others.

How to learn Self-Hypnosis?

You can learn self-hypnosis from Indian Hypnosis Academy. We provide both personal and self study courses. Self-hypnosis will bring or rather create a new personality within you. A more confident and fearless person than before. This course will enable to create a self help attitude too which will make you more self dependent.

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Overcome Worst Belief About Own Self

When we commit any mistake we develop a negative thought immediately. We think that we are unable to do this particular task. That thought arises due to 1 or may be a couple of failed attempts. But success does not come that easy. If we want to be successful then we need to put some hard labour into it. Moreover if success was that easy then everyone would be successful. Due to repeated negative thoughts, we convert those thoughts into belief. Now, we have developed negative or worst feeling about self. We need to overcome worst belief about own self.

How to Do:
  • Be Honest: We know what we are capable of and we know how we can change our-self. When we are honest with self then we know our efforts would be true. The mindset to learn something would be genuine. The need will be bigger than ever to learn. As long as we are honest with own self, no negativity can affect us.
  • Let Go of False Examples: We are always surrounded by fake examples in every situation. Due to that we try to change our self into them without realising our true potential. The failure in that will again lead to conversion of worst belief about own self. No need to get carried away by such examples. We know our self very well and we are also honest with own. Work hard to change into a positive person and become a real example for others.
  • Speak Kindness: This kindness is something people get confused with very easily. It does not mean we have to compromise our happiness just to please someone. It means that we develop happiness and positivity by spreading the same. The thoughts or belief we create are send out in the universe. We ctach only those thoughts which we send. When we are happy and kind, the same will be the reaction of others for us. Developing more confidence and happiness within self.


These 3 points are very easy to understand and to implement as well. The more honest and true we are with self, better the beliefs will turn out for us. We can practice these points every day until they become our habit. Once they become our habit then it becomes our character. If we think that it is hard to change our self then hypnosis can help in this regard too.

How Hypnosis will help?

Hypnosis brings out the best within our self. The suggestions imparted during hypnotic trance goes directly into our sub consciousness. These changes will help us to change our self into more positive and confident individual. Along with hypnosis we should also practice yoga on daily basis to keep our self physically fit and happy. You can go for a hypnotherapy session or you can also learn hypnosis to help yourself again in the future at the time of need.

Indian Hypnosis Academy aims at providing services to help those individuals who want to excel in their lives. The training is also imparted by the experts who ensure that you master the art. The sessions are also provided to bring peace in mind. To remove worst belief about own self.

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How to Overcome Worst Belief About Own Self


Watch the video to get more clear understanding.

How to Overcome Loneliness ?

Loneliness is not a choice or habit. It is a situation where we feel completely alone. There are two types of people, one who love to stay alone and one who don’t. They are right in their own perspective. We can also categorise such people as introvert and extrovert respectively. But even if one person loves to stay alone, it doesn’t mean they want to live lonely. There is a difference between lonely and alone. If a person is feeling lonely then there are steps which will help us to overcome loneliness.

Steps to Overcome Loneliness:
  • When we share out thoughts of loneliness with someones, we need to be sure about them. That person should be trust-able. When we have a strong connection with that person then s/he will help us to reomve the feeling of loneliness.
  • This time is great to stay in touch with friends again. Talk with them and also know about their current lives. Keep one thing in mind that we do not have to bring the loneliness topic in between. Just enjoy the present.
  • Join some organisation which helps needy people like any NGO or similar. Through them you are providing help and are always in company of several people. The joy of helping others will overcome the negative effect of loneliness.
  • If you have a coach or a mentor then share with them. They know you better than you know yourself because they have trained you. Sharing your current phase with them will help you to learn some new insight about your capability.
  • Never compare the negative feeling of yours with anyone else. It doesn’t matter how lonely you are feeling but do not let it turn you into a bitter person. Share smile and laugh with them. They want you to be smiling and your smile will help them to smile as well.
  • And if you are alone due to unavoidable circumstances then have the courage to stand alone. You are brave enough to face any hurdle on your own. Never under estimate yourself. The acceptance of loneliness will not allow any negativity associated with it to overtake you.

The points shared above are very easy to implement. The loneliness is not a permanent phase of our life. It is just a temporary period which will fade away if we keep belief in self. To constantly motivate yourself and push your boundaries, keep practicing self hypnosis.

Importance of Self-hypnosis

The self-hypnosis is a great technique which will help us to make our-self strong. The power of suggestions will make us more motivated and inspired . No matter what the situation is, the power in self belief will solve anything. Regular practice of self hypnosis also helps us to overcome several psychological issues. Issues like anxiety, low confidence, hesitation, public fear, low motivation, bed wetting, nail biting, alcoholism, and much more.

You can learn self-hypnosis at Indian Hypnosis Academy. We are providing the motivational and inspiring art to students arounf the globe for more than 14 years. Under the expert guidance of Dr. J P Malik, we are helping individuals to realise their true potential.

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