Hypnotize Anyone Without Telling Them

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. It helps in improving our mental strength. Hypnosis is practiced since ages and has several recorded examples as well. Being a hypnotherapist you have to understand personality of your patient. Everyone has different personality and thus different techniques are used. However sometimes you can hypnotize anyone without telling them. There are just few things which we need to keep in mind.

How to Hypnotize Anyone Without Telling Them ?

Why is there a need for a therapist to hypnotize anyone without telling them? First of all, hypnosis does not mean mind control. So in hypnosis the control remains with the patient. The patient comes to a therapist with a hope as well as a fear. The issues and problems make their life uneasy and they come for the treatment. But they have this fear of hypnosis alongside. They do not know what happens in hypnosis and the fear of unknown makes them stay defensive.

In such situations the hypnotherapist uses the indirect approach of hypnosis. These techniques do not follow the traditional methods of inducing hypnosis. After carefully analyzing the personality of the client, the technique of indirect hypnosis is used.

Techniques of Indirect Hypnosis
  1. Confusion: Hypnosis works at sub conscious state of mind. The confusion makes the conscious mind occupied. Thus the path to subconscious mind becomes easy. Hypnosis becomes easy to perform. This allows the hypnotherapist to carry out the therapy quickly with the patient.
  2. Unbalance: In this process also the intention is to make conscious mind occupied. With the help of some exercises  the balance is made to lose. As long as conscious mind takes time to regain control, the induction of hypnosis takes place.

Like the above mentioned techniques, several more are practiced in indirect hypnosis. This technique is innovative and quicker than direct hypnosis. To under stand the concept clearly, watch the following video.

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Deepening in Hypnotherapy

For a successful hypnotherapy session, deepening is necessary. Deeper the trance is, better the impact of hypnosis will be. Deepening helps in making the client feel more relaxed and comfortable. With proper deepening in hypnotherapy, client experiences positive result. As a matter of fact, deepening makes the hypnotherapy session more enjoyable.

Use of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has many useful benefits in the field of psychology. People who have several psychological issues like depression, anxiety, etc use hypnotherapy for quicker results. To know more  about treatment with hypnotherapy, click here.

But there is a difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

In hypnosis it is not necessary that the trance has to be deep. There are several techniques of instant hypnosis too. The purpose of that is to make client relaxed. Similarly few use it for entertainment purpose as well. But in hypnosis,therapy or treatment is not possible. For a successful therapy the trance has to be deep.

Whereas in hypnotherapy, trance is a must. Trance helps in building up the relaxation in client. Hypnotherapy has more therapeutic approach.

Hypnotherapy is a clinical process. The components of hypnotherapy are scientific and clinically approved. So now we know that deepening is very necessary in the hypnotherapy. Bot how can we take the person deeper into the trance?

How to do Deepening ?
  1. Suggestions: With the help of suggestion the client goes deep in hypnosis. An experienced hypnotherapist knows what suggestions to use. As a result one can use different suggestions on different clients after carefully evaluating them.
  2. Imagination: This is a great help in deepening process. With good imagination the deepening process becomes quick. The client also feels comfortable with the help of good imagination.
  3. Relaxation: Relaxation also helps in oozing out the stress. With this the deepening takes place at deeper level. The conscious mind also gets relaxed and sub conscious mind helps in taking the client deeper into the hypnosis.
  4. Progressive Relaxation: It means the relaxation process where every body part and organ is covered. It is a time consuming process. The relaxation may start from either head or toes. The gradual relaxation in every part makes the person go deeper into the trance.
  5. Breathing: The most famous technique of all time. With concentration on breaths we can make the person take deep into the trance. Here also the conscious mind gets busy on watching breaths and sub conscious mind starts the deepening process.

With the help of such techniques we can create good deepening in the hypnotherapy process. Moreover the deepening is a necessity for performing hypnotherapy.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

People who have psychological issues get healed with hypnotherapy. Counseling is also a good process in helping people but it is a time consuming process. On the other hand hypnosis is much quicker. It has zero recorded side effects. No medicines are prescribed for any therapy. Te power of mind is realised via hypnotherapy.

With proper hypnotherapy sessions conducted, the client feels good about himself. It all depends upon the deepening in the session. To know more about the deepening concept, watch the following video.

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Self Control in Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. The process helps us to recover from many psychological issues. In hypnosis we feel complete relaxation and comfort when done correctly. But do we have or have not self control in hypnosis? That’s the biggest concern most people have in relation to hypnosis.

Self-Control in Hypnosis

A person who has undergone hypnosis knows that we do not lose self control. We are in total awareness during the process. In fact, it enhances the state of awareness in all senses. Despite that we go into the deep trance of hypnotism. The trance deepens to make the person more relaxed. It helps in quicker healing over the psychological issue.

The process of hypnosis is much more successful than other therapies. It deals with our sub conscious part of mind. That part is responsible for all happenings in our body and mind. Whatever kind of person we are or whatever changes we want are done by sub consciousness.

There are several instances of hypnosis used as anesthesia to conduct a medical operation. You can read this article to know more about it. In that article you can understand that the patient had full awareness about the surgery but was completely pain free. That is the power of our mind. Hypnosis helps us to realise that potential.

Importance of Hypnosis

Hypnosis can become a vital tool for success in our life. It can be used to not only over psychological issues but also to boost self confidence. Confidence helps us to achieve huge success in every aspect of life. With self hypnosis we can learn to boost up our self esteem. Get over stammering and stuttering which ruins our self esteem and confidence.

One must have complete training and knowledge of self hypnosis. In every aspect it will be a very powerful tool. To know more about self hypnosis, click here.

To know more about the concept of self control in hypnosis, watch the following video.

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