Know Someone from Their Signature

It sounds so amazing that one can know about someone without even meeting them. You can also know with the help of handwriting analysis. Handwriting is a very helpful tool to identify someone. Many success gurus and MNCs use this in their practical lives. Handwriting helps us to know about the beahviour of that particular individual. Handwriting analysis also consists of signature analysis. You can also know someone from their signature.

This subject of analysing handwriting and signature is known as Graphology. This was used in forensics and crime labs before. But time is changing and so is the approach of using this art. Not only big MNCs but small recruitment agencies also are doing the same thing. They analyse their candidates based on handwriting too. Through handwriting analysis one can also find about the compatibility of their expected partners. The confidence and personality of the person can also be analysed.

But in all this, how useful is signature for us ? How can we know someone from their signature too ? Let us first understand about signatures first.

Signature Analysis

Signature is the self image of an individual. It reflects the thinking or belief the person has for him/her self.. Signature also plays a vital role in better analysis. There are several patterns of signatures which have different characteristics.

The video presented in blog will help you to better understand about signatures. What can we find from signatures :

  • The confidence of the person is depicted in their signature.
  • You can also know about the loyalty of the other person
  • Do they prefer to live alone or with family ?
  • Are they a team player or solo performer ?
  • The person is honest or has tendencies to lie often

Similarly, there are so many thing we can know about from signatures. You can learn graphology too and become an excellent achiever in your life. Indian Hypnosis Academy provides training for graphology. You can learn handwriting and signature analysis to help self and others. To know more about courses of handwriting and body language, click here.

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