Shy vs Introvert

Some people are shy in nature. They are not comfortable in opening up in front of anyone. They are hesitant in almost every other activity. It does not mean that the person is introvert. There is a difference between being shy and introvert.

An introvert does not feel uncomfortable in opening up. They enjoy their own company more than any other thing. But when it comes to perform. They can outshine many. An introvert opens up when it is required and it does not mean that person is shy.

Let us first understand their characteristics of introvert and shy people respectively.


This term was first introduced by renowned psychologist Carl Jung in 1921, along with extrovert. It was done to differentiate between two types of people. Those who love to stay involved in the outer world. And those who love to remain involved with their own thoughts.

Different additions and subtractions have been done over the years. Done by different psychologists but basic factors remain the same:

  • Enjoys time alone. Indeed, that is how they recharge.
  • An evening with a good friend of two is generally much more desirable than a large party, for example.
  • Tends to have powerful skills of concentration and to prefer immersing themselves in one task at a time.
  • Quickly wearies of small talk but often enjoys digging deep into a topic.
  • Thinks before they speak and is often characterized as a good listener.
  • Their social energy is limited, and they guard their supply.

It’s important to note that no one is only an introvert or an extrovert; each of us contains at least a little of the other. There are also ambiverts, those who are neither predominately introverted nor extroverted.

Introverts usually prefer to stay behind the scenes. But they are also found among famous leaders, politicans, businessmen, artists, public speakers and much more. They use their power of concentration and introspection. They ave this ability to quickly change themselves into an extrovert if situation demands for it.


Shy people or shyness have this fear of judgement by others. They stop themselves to do anything on the thought of what others might feel. This fear prevents them from going ahead. “Shyness is the fear of social disapproval or humiliation, while introversion is a preference for environments that are not overstimulating.” One stays home from the party from preference, in other words, and the other from fear.

There are some shy introverts too who have this desire to enjoy the crowd attention but also have the fear of getting judged. Shyness is not a behaviour or personality but rather a response. It is a social discomfort we feel when whenever we have to appear in public. Even in front of a camera too.

We all experience shyness at one point of our life. Some people overcome it, some adapt it. Those who overcome it understood that it needs to be changed. Those who were unable to do so remain shy for a long time. But if your shyness is preventing you to live the life of your dreams then you need to change.

How to Change from being Shy ?

Here hypnosis will help you. This shyness causes a fear in our hearts. Hypnotherapy will help you to overcome this fear. You can have sessions for yourself to get help. Click here to know more about treatments.

But you can also learn hypnosis to change your life. Not only you will bring a successful change in your life. But also in the lives of others. You would be able to help other shy people like you. With hypnosis, you can bring a positive change in society. To know about courses of hypnosis, click here.

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