Reasons of Extra Marital Affairs

A marriage is a scared bond. It ties two souls for life. This is what concept of marriage means. Marriage makes two people trust and support each other in hardest times. Both partners except the love and trust they give in return. But still we hear about several cases of extra marital affairs. In every country and in every city, several marriages are ruined by this element. What can be reasons of extra marital affairs ?

Reasons of Extra Marital Affairs

There are several reasons behind it. Let us first take a look at most common reasons:

  1. Early Marriage: Some people get married very early. Maybe in their early 20s or so. They think that the age when they were supposed to date and go out was ruined by marriage. To bring back that thrill and excitement, they indulge in affairs. Just with an objective to live their wasted time.
  2. Wrong Reasons of Marriage: People also enter the circle of marriage because of many wrong reasons. Society and family pressure is among the few. They marry an unknown person and find it difficult to adjust them. When they find someone more compatible than their current partner, the friendship with them usually end up in an affair.
  3. Unable to Change: Change is a natural phenomenon. We all need to change and does our habits & lifestyle. Sometimes some incident in our life doesn’t allow us to move on. It may be anything and we become vulnerable. Our partner knows that but we don’t find that comfort in that. Sometimes that comfort is found in arms of someone new.
  4. Becoming Parents: Not everyone is mentally ready to shoulder a new responsibility. They are not ready and find it difficult to accept the reality. The extra marital affair starts to find an excuse from the truth.
  5. Emotional Disconnect: Mainly due to lack of communication and lack of time, emotional disconnection happens. Couple don’t talk like they used to before. They are unable to give each other proper time. This causes the either partner to seek that lost emotional support from someone else.

Like above mentioned points, there are several others which ruin the lives of many people.

How to Resolve?

The best solution to such issue is communication. Both partners need to sit down together and talk about differences. But if that is not possible then don’t shy in seeking help. A therapist may help you both in saving your marriage.

Hypnotherapy and counseling will also help you in this regard. The lost love or emotional connection is reconnected. A new change can happen with the help of therapy.

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