Clinical Psychic Therapy Level-5


The Psychic Therapy course focuses on the activation of psychic energies for the experiences beyond the physical limits and time. It empowers the individual with the ability to scan any living or non-living object. It also enables to establish linkages beyond the limits of time. It helps in doing remote viewing, divine healing, and balancing of energies at chakras and physical systems of the human body. It is a realization of the gift we all have from the divine.


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Desirable: Spiritual Orientation

Subject Matter:
Psychic Energy, Mind-body Connections, Psychic Stimulation, Planes of Existence, Energy Chakras, Aura, Body Scanning, Remote Connections, Intuitive Healing

You Learn:
Body Scanning, Remote Connectivity, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Healing Techniques, Psychic Meditation

Scheme of the course:

  • Students shall perform practicals of the syllabus taught in the course.
  • A certificate is provided to all participants after completion of the course.

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