Hypnosis as a Career

1. As a Therapist/Counselor

A large number of behavioral and clinical issues are effectively addressed by using hypnotic modalities. People want to get rid of medicines and their side effects. Hypnosis provides remedial services for many diseases. In fact, many of the disorders do not have any physiological reasons. It is universally accepted that most of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature. Hence the use of hypnosis makes healing easier. Hypnosis is an emerging modality and number of available experts is highly inadequate to meet the enormous need.


2. As Subject-matter Expert

People want services from the experts to be more confident of results. Hypnosis provides a scope of practically unlimited opportunities. People are hunting for specific subject experts in every part of the world.

Some of the popular areas of hypnotic experts practiced globally are: Sports; Studies; Communication; Performing Arts; Phobias; Impotence & Frigidity; Habit corrections (bed wetting, smoking, drinking, thumb sucking, aggression, etc.); Inter-Personal Relationships; Regression therapies; Asthma; Anxiety; Weight Control; Motivation; Confidence Building; Mental Hygiene; and many more ……

The above list is just a glimpse of the requirement of the hypnosis experts. Considering the above areas and similar other areas, the people are opting for specialized services even in the field of hypnosis.  Nowadays hypnotists have become an integral part of different groups and teams across the globe.


Other Areas of Specialization

Entertainment: Many people know hypnotism only because of the entertainment industry. Often people see stage shows conducted by the hypnotists at different places. It is still very powerful means of conducting stage activities for the entertainment of the people in big groups. Many people also enjoy conducting hypnotic activities in their family functions as well.

Hypno-Birthing: Painless delivery is becoming popular with the use of hypnosis as no medicine is required to control the delivery pain.

Foreign Energy Management: This is popularly known as spirit release when an individual feels like possessed by some external energy.

Forensic Hypnosis: Forensic hypnosis is used to explore information especially by the protective services like police.

Past Life Regression: Journey across time to visit previous life to make correction of the causes that the mind believes beyond the current life.

Spiritual Contacts: Access and seek guidance from the higher order energies for the desired corrections.


4. Self Development

Hypnosis is useful for personal development as well. It teaches the individual to stay calm, relaxed, composed and motivated under different situations. Well adjusted and motivated people provide effective output to their enterprises.

 Note: Similarly there are many such areas of specialized interventions.  These areas require specialized training. The practitioners should opt for the same after having adequate training.


Medical Disclaimer:

It is important to note that Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Psychotherapy or other hypnosis based therapies/ processes taught by the Academy are not substitute to any medical or healing system rather are supplementary devices to facilitate the healing process. We have found them useful but we do not claim their generalized application everywhere on each person and for each disorder or problem. The users need to apply their conviction and wisdom with their own responsibility while learning or using them.