How to Control Angry Children?

In today’s world everyone is in anger. Earlier the anger was shown only by adults. But now small children are also exhibiting anger and aggression. Parents find it hard to deal with angry kids. But it does not mean that we can not do anything about it. You will learn to control angry children today.


Parents find it hard to deal with anger in their kids. They do not want to hurt their feeling and emotions. In that confusion they end up in accepting every demand of their kids. It is not necessary that kid is getting angry just to get a new toy. But the anger could be because of any reason.

Children learn most by imitating their parents. They visualise the emotion shown by their respective families. So this is one of the biggest reason of anger found in children. Parents need to take care of not fighting in front of their kids. They must create a healthy and motivating environment.

How to Control Angry Children?

Parents and adults can now control anger in children. With the help of following tips:

  1. Count to 5: If a child gets angry, tell them to count till 5. Make sure they count slowly. Counting till 5 will help them to calm down and the anger will decrease simultaneously.
  2. Blow Into Hands: In aggression the breathing starts increasing and it becomes deep. If the breathing is controlled then the anger gets controlled. Blowing anger into hands means they are blowing anger away. Few times blowing into air will decrease the depth of breath. The child will not be angry anymore.
  3. Make a Fist: The fist automatically appears when in anger. This is the defense mechanism of our body. So tell children to make fist on purpose. Insert as much pressure as they can in making fists. Then after 2-3 seconds release the pressure and open fists. Repeat this exercise a couple of times and the aggression will disappear.
  4. Body Scan: Tell children to do a complete body scan when in anger. Tell them that it is not normal when people get angry. If you get angry then scan your body and feel the difference. If they feel heat or heaviness in head then tell them to calm themselves down. They will  bring themselves back to normal.
  5.  Ask for a Hug: It is the best comforting feeling for anybody. Hug shows compassion and love in every country. Tell children to ask for a hug whenever they get angry. No matter who is in front of them, it may be friend or family member. Hug will bring the coolness back again.

The above mentioned points will bring calmness back in behaviour of children. This will create positive habits from childhood and they will be better in controlling their anger as well.

Self Help

Parents are allowing children to become self dependent. These steps allow children to do actions without asking for help. This is a great way in which are doing their job excellently. Allow your children or kids to understand different emotions.

After experiencing them, kids would be able to understand the importance of calmness. To understand the concept more clearly then watch the following video.

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