Hands Technique of Induction

Hypnosis is a great science been with us for ages. It is useful in many aspects of our life. We can it to get treatment of several psychological issues. Along with that it also helps us to have required self confidence.

Hypnosis is famous mostly with pendulum technique. But that is just a technique. There are various techniques which helps in induction of hypnosis. Hands technique is also one of such technique.

Hand Technique of Induction

The video in the blog shows a very interesting technique. To understand the technique first watch the video. The technique is known as Hand Magnetism technique. In this, the hypnotist will make the client raise their hands. They should be parallel to each other at shoulder level. Then the hypnotist will keep its hand in between those hands.

Once this is done the hypnotherapist will use the power of suggestions. Suggestions will make the client to feel a magnetic pull in between his/her hands.  They will start approaching near and the speed may vary from person to person.

A good hypnotherapist knows how to say suggestions. Timing and patience are required to carry out the induction successfully. This in only the induction part. There are several steps more left in the process of hypnotherapy afterwards.

Learn Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is present for a long time to help all. It is a wonderful science to bring successful change in self. There are several courses available on hypnotherapy. Indian Hypnosis Academy has been offering numerous courses on hypnotism for past 14 years.

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