Do Not Trust this Handwriting

Handwriting allows us to know about an individual. It is not necessary that you know that person. But you should know how to analyse handwriting. The art of analysing handwriting and signature is called Graphology. With the help of graphology we can know a lot about the person. Hence we also know that do not trust people with this handwriting which will be explained later.

Do Not Trust This Handwriting

There are certain points which will help us to know liars. The alphabets which are useful here the circled alphabets like small a, o, d, g, and such. Following are the points which we need to take care of:

  1. When the circle has double hook formation: This indicates that the writer is ‘evasive’. It will avoid being straightforward or direct. To understand the formation of such alphabets see the following figure.
    double hook formation

    Double Hook Formation in Circle Letter

    2. Loop on the left side of the circle: First we do not have to confuse it with double hook. So the left side of the circle shows that writer is ‘self-deceit’. They do not tell lies often. But they have deceived themselves into believing things that are not true. We can say they tell misconceptions. Following figure shows the loop on left side of circles.

    loop from left side, do not trust this handwriting

    Loop from Left side of the circle

    3. Loop on the right side of the circle: This loop indicates secretiveness. The writer has the tendency to not tell complete truth. The secret may be big or small but it indicates that writer will not tell everything. Telling incomplete truth is also a lie. Following image shows loop from right side of he circle.

    loop from right side of circle, do not trust this handwriting

    Loop from right side of circle

    4. Double Loops on Circle: It indicates that the writer is intentional deceit. It will lie on purpose. They will lie whenever they feel like lying. Following figure shows the double loops.

    Double loops on circle, do not trust this handwriting

    Double Loops on Circle


    To understand the concept more clearly, watch the following video.

Points to Consider

It is very important to check for repetition. One or two instances of formation of any of the above pointers will not analyse the lying nature of the writer. Repetition is necessary.

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