Create a Mark with Handwriting

Handwriting is the language of our subconscious mind. Whatever we write gets directly stored in our subconscious part. With the help of handwriting we can change our own self. It becomes easy to start changing. We can create a mark with handwriting in our life.

There are several changes we need to go through. After all getting empowered requires certain amount of dedication. Hence to experience the positive change, following positive changes must take place in handwriting.

Create a Mark with Handwriting

With the following 3 changes in our handwriting, our personality changes.

  1. Optimism: This word defines the required state of mind. When we are positive and optimistic then every obstacle seems small. Through our handwriting we can bring this into our personality. While writing we just need to keep the slant upward from right side. It shows the mental attitude of the writer. Therefore the optimism gets inserted in our personality.
  2. Persistence:  The formation of small letter ‘t’ and ‘f’ helps us in persistence. While forming the alphabets the bar used while forming t and f need to have a small bubble on left. The bubble adds up in increasing persistence. The more we get into habit of forming this bubble, more we will have persistence.
  3. Enthusiasm: The never ending spirit is a must for success. An enthusiastic person keeps the energy up and positive. In handwriting there is a small change which we need to make. While forming the bar of alphabet ‘t’, the bar should be excessively long. The longer t bar helps in creating a longer enthusiasm.

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