Control Growing Anger Issues in Children

Anger is an emotional outburst. The results can be devastating. It is extremely important to teach children to address their anger. Learning this at an early age can not only control the temperamental issues but can bring a lot of wonderful qualities by the time a child reaches its adulthood. So, how to control growing anger issues in children?

How to Control Growing Anger Issues in Children?
  1. Count till 5: This is a great diversion technique. The attention of the child gets diverted from anger to counting till 5. This technique will become a habit with persistence. Small children if develop this habit, their control will be far better than others. They learn to control themselves even at peak of anger. So counting from 1 to 5 will help children and adults both to become controlled person.
  2. Deep Breathing: We do this only when we feel relaxed and comfortable. Deep breaths sends signal to our mind that we are in relaxed state. The emotional level also becomes relaxed. After deep breathing for few seconds we get calm and grasp better control over self. This is the reason why deep breathing is done before practicing self hypnosis, meditation and other healing therapies.
  3. Blow into Hands: In this technique, the anger is released from our body via breathing out. We breathe heavily and fast in anger. We feel like breaking something or hit someone in anger. To avoid this situation, the anger is released with blowing air into hands. When this exercise starts, the breathing remains heavy and fast. After few repetitions, breathing becomes normal again.
  4. Make Fists and Release: We have to focus all our anger into making fists. As it is what we normally also do when we get angry. But this time, we have to create fists and apply as much force as we can in making it. After few seconds we have to release fists while breathing out. This is one of the most successful technique of control anger instantly. This technique is the reason why stress balls were also made.
  5. Ask for a Hug: We all love hugs. It is a universal practice in different cultures throughout ages. Hug is the language of love and compassion. When kids get angry, tell them to hug after performing any of the above technique. This will allow to release even the tiny bit of anger if present. Kids will love to hug and it will decrease anger while increasing happiness.

The above techniques will help children to create self control at a very early age.This will help them to have a btter control over not only anger but other emotions too.

Good Parenting

With helping children to adapt these habits at an early age, we are creating good examples of parenting. Being a parent we just want our children to be self sustainable, self dependent and have good confidence along with many other things. So these habits will help them in becoming the same.

Children understand at an early age that they can do it themselves. They might be needing help initially but later on will do it on their own. This will help them to be more self confident. Being parents we help our children to have better command over their lives. This is possible when emotions are in control.

To better understand the techniques, watch the following video.

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