Change Your Handwriting & See the Difference

Our handwriting depicts a lot about us. It is connected to our subconscious mind. The way we write influences our behaviour. The slant and spacing also are important components of analysing handwriting. Handwriting is controlled by us. If we want to change our self then we can do it with change in  handwriting too. You change your handwriting and see the difference your self.

Become Dominant

Dominant does not always mean to suppress some one. It also means that you have good leadership qualities. Whenever a good leader speaks, the audience listens. That person is also dominating the society in a positive way.

You too can bring the same change within your self. You can take help of your handwriting too in bring that change. People who are dominant or are good leaders have some similar traits in their handwriting.

The change is made possible by change in alphabet ‘t’.

You just have to make one change in formation of this alphabet. While making the alphabet ‘t’ we make a bar at the top. That bar is known as t bar. So when we make the t bar we have to end it with a blunt force.

The t bar may be long or short but it has to end with blunt force. That pressure or force is the indicator of dominance in the behaviour. Initially you have to make it on purpose. Slowly it will become your habit. Once into habit, it will become your personality.

So with the change in your handwriting, you can change your personality. To become a good leader, a dominant person and a confident role model, one can achieve this by changing their handwriting.

Change in Signature

Signature is the self image of the signatory. The way we think about our own self is reflected in the signature. To feel confident and dominant, we need to accept it. We have to believe that we are dominant and good leader.

To bring this change in self image, we can take help of signature. You may have any kind of signature but if you will put an underline below the signature, it will help in the purpose. The dominate personality is enhanced by the underline. We develop self belief that we are dominant.

This change is self belief also helps in overcoming the self doubt. We become more confident and dominant. Signature also helps us in developing our personality.

You can change your self without going somewhere. Just your persistence is required which will help you in long run. The art of analysing handwriting and signature is known as Graphology. To achieve success and positivity in life and surrounding, one must know about this art too.

To know more about the dominance in behaviour, watch the following video.

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