Beware of Such Handwriting

Handwriting analysis helps in knowing people. Through a sample of handwriting, a lot comes out. With handwriting we know about their positive and negative personalities. It is not necessary to know the writer in person. Although it gives an upper hand to have good company. So with this knowledge we can help our self to become better. However there are negative people too. Always beware of such handwriting which indicates negative traits.

Beware of Such Handwriting

There are few indicators which help us to know bad elements in people along with positive ones. Following indicators will help us to know people more deeply. They are visible in small circular alphabets like a, c, e, o, g,d, and few more.

  1. Double Hook Formation: This formation indicates that the writer is evasive. They do not like being told something to do. Hence from every work they will try to escape. But they will escape by telling lies. They won’t be straightforward in any circumstance which they find difficult to handle.
  2. Loop from Left Side: This loop indicates tendency to self deceit. Such writers develop misconceptions and consider that to be true. Therefore they will tell you a lie as a truth. You know what is truth but will not accept it. Such people are hard to work with and they maybe won’t follow rules which go against their misconception.
  3. Loop from Right Side: This formation of loop shows secretiveness. The writer will not be 100% honest. Whatever they want to hide, they will hide. No matter how important that detail was for you. Such writers can also leave you hanging in between by not telling everything.
  4. Double Loops: Now this formation is the one where writes lies on purpose. They pose the different risk for others. If you are thinking of doing some partnership with them then precaution is advised. They may lie whenever they feel like for their benefit. That lie may cost you a lot in many ways.

The indicators which we have shared above gives us some insight about the writer. One thing is to be kept in mind. The indicators above show the respective personality only on repetition. We can say that the person is self deceit only when those indicators appear more often.

This is not exact or complete analysis about the writer. There are certain different psychological tests which help in bringing out more definite result.

Graphology however, helps us to know a lot about writer. It is not important that we know them. But still we get the idea about their personality because handwriting doesn’t lie.

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