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We prepare successful Hypnotists around the world through various Hypnotherapy training, seminars, workshop etc. Many countries and organisations recognize us as an approved school of Clinical Hypnotherapy , PLR, NLP etc. Our workshops are flexible and easy to understand because we conduct practical training with every course for absolute understanding. Every student is attended properly and attentively in the group workshops. IHA offers flexibility in schedule and timings to the students who are working or short with time.


Fall in Love with Own Self

Everything and everyone seems lovable only when we love our self. The more we are in love with self, more respect we will have for self. In every work whether it’s personal or professional, we enjoy doing it. There is always that peace within ourselves which keeps us ever-ready. But to have all that we […]

How to be More Creative?

Our creativity is behind every task we perform. The better we imagine, better the outcome will be from task. Our skill, talent, everything is associated with our creativity. Whether you are selling something, speaking somewhere or even walking on a ramp, creativity is essential for success.We feel that whatever we have learned is enough for […]

Self Hypnosis for Happy Mind

Self hypnosis for happy mind is possible and achievable. We know the importance of meditation and it is a great booster for self improvement. The importance of practicing self hypnosis is higher than meditation. Self hypnosis includes meditation through suggestions for a particular cause. In meditation we don’t focus on anything and experience the absolute […]

8 Things that are Truly a Waste of Time

Time is the most precious thing we get in our life. Every second counts and we need to make something productive out of it as well. Unknowingly we do lots of things in a day which make us less and less productive. They contribute in wasting our time. Which in the end results in development […]

How to Sleep Fast?

How to sleep fast is what we think about it whole day. By sleeping fast we mean that we will sleep on time. Who can not sleep on time understands how tough their whole day becomes. There are numerous reasons for not sleeping on time but there are remedies for that too. If due to […]

how to programme your mind to be successful

HOW TO PROGRAMME YOUR MIND TO BE SUCCESSFUL Success is not accident; living an incredible life is not an accident. You have to do it on purpose, and it starts by knowing exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Though success has subjective meanings for all of us, but success doesn’t come to […]

Overcome Worst Belief About Own Self

When we commit any mistake we develop a negative thought immediately. We think that we are unable to do this particular task. That thought arises due to 1 or may be a couple of failed attempts. But success does not come that easy. If we want to be successful then we need to put some […]


Addiction- a disorder   MEANING AND TYPES Addiction is a condition in which a person engages in use of a substance or in a behavior that has rewarding effects or compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite inimical consequences. Addiction a disorder may involve the use of substances such as alcohol, opioid, nicotine. As […]

How to Get Out of Bad Mood?

We are humans and we have emotions. There are different emotions and according to the situation we exhibit appropriate mood. If we are sitting in a stand up comedy show then we will display happiness or joy as the emotion. The situation is of laughter so we are happy. Likewise if we are at a […]

How to Overcome Loneliness ?

Loneliness is not a choice or habit. It is a situation where we feel completely alone. There are two types of people, one who love to stay alone and one who don’t. They are right in their own perspective. We can also categorise such people as introvert and extrovert respectively. But even if one person […]