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We prepare successful Hypnotists around the world through various Hypnotherapy training, seminars, workshop etc. Many countries and organisations recognize us as an approved school of Clinical Hypnotherapy , PLR, NLP etc. Our workshops are flexible and easy to understand because we conduct practical training with every course for absolute understanding. Every student is attended properly and attentively in the group workshops. IHA offers flexibility in schedule and timings to the students who are working or short with time.


Instantly Control Anger

Anger is no stranger to us. At one point we all get angry. This anger causes us to lose our focus and control. That moment seems right but does not feel right afterwards. Anger has various forms as well. Many people lose their jobs, loved ones, friends and precious memories because of anger. It will […]

Dominate The World with Your Handwriting

Handwriting is a great tool for analysis. It helps an individual to change. The reason behind this is simple. Whatever we write, it gets recorded in our subconscious mind. So the handwriting also affects the way we think and behave. It helps in bringing change in the behaviour. Signature also plays the same role. Signature […]

Gurugram Horror : An Appeal

We have recently seen a horrible incident which happened at Gurugram. The incident has been active at social media. The recent police report says the shooter had psychological disorders. When we suffer from physical pain, we do exercise and yoga for that. We take proper rest and also medicines if needed. We visit various salons […]

Mental Bank for Money & Abundance

The mental bank program is a worldwide phenomena. It has helped many people to achieve their goals. The sole purpose of this program is to make mentality of people strong. The attitude of mind becomes a like a money magnet. The mental bank is used for money and abundance. First of all it is important […]

Know Someone from Their Signature

It sounds so amazing that one can know about someone without even meeting them. You can also know with the help of handwriting analysis. Handwriting is a very helpful tool to identify someone. Many success gurus and MNCs use this in their practical lives. Handwriting helps us to know about the beahviour of that particular […]

Shy vs Introvert

Some people are shy in nature. They are not comfortable in opening up in front of anyone. They are hesitant in almost every other activity. It does not mean that the person is introvert. There is a difference between being shy and introvert. An introvert does not feel uncomfortable in opening up. They enjoy their […]

Hands Technique of Induction

Hypnosis is a great science been with us for ages. It is useful in many aspects of our life. We can it to get treatment of several psychological issues. Along with that it also helps us to have required self confidence. Hypnosis is famous mostly with pendulum technique. But that is just a technique. There […]

Why Should You Smile?

When we feel great, a smile comes naturally. It’s an outward sign of joy, happiness, appreciation, amusement, excitement, or contentment. It’s not natural to smile when we’re sad or upset. But it turns out that smiling might be the best thing to do when you’re ready to shift into a brighter mood. Smiling Can Lift […]

Importance of Personal Boundaries

No matter how close we are with someone, we still need our space. It is our own space. This is the personal space where we are with just our own self. No matter what we do, we need that space. The importance of that space is to give some self time. We can do anything […]

Hypnotise Someone without Telling Them

This is a great curiosity associated with hypnosis. For a very long time, people want to learn hypnosis. They want to use the benefits of hypnosis. And they also want to know how to hypnotise someone without telling them. To all those who want to know about the process, we have provided it here. How […]