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We prepare successful Hypnotists around the world through various Hypnotherapy training, seminars, workshop etc. Many countries and organisations recognize us as an approved school of Clinical Hypnotherapy , PLR, NLP etc. Our workshops are flexible and easy to understand because we conduct practical training with every course for absolute understanding. Every student is attended properly and attentively in the group workshops. IHA offers flexibility in schedule and timings to the students who are working or short with time.


Control Your Mind & Achieve Anything

A Great leader has said “I fear the one who has controlled his mind”. Mind is the key for every great thing we have ever wanted in our lives. It has the power to turn impossible into possible. It can be great asset but also a great enemy if left uncontrolled. But how can we […]

Why Do We Fear?

Fear is an emotion among different others found within us. These emotions help us to react to certain situations and make us feel more like a human. Everybody feels it but it doesn’t mean that they have to live with it. With time it is important to control over fear. Or else soon it may […]

How to Appear Confident Always?

Confidence is the key to success. It makes our life easy and smooth. No matter what the obstacle is, confidence helps us to get over it quickly. In today’s time everyone wants to look confident to get success in every aspect of life.  But still sometimes we feel how to appear confident always. Because at […]

Hypnotize Anyone Without Telling Them

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. It helps in improving our mental strength. Hypnosis is practiced since ages and has several recorded examples as well. Being a hypnotherapist you have to understand personality of your patient. Everyone has different personality and thus different techniques are used. However sometimes you can hypnotize anyone without telling […]

Create a Mark with Handwriting

Handwriting is the language of our subconscious mind. Whatever we write gets directly stored in our subconscious part. With the help of handwriting we can change our own self. It becomes easy to start changing. We can create a mark with handwriting in our life. There are several changes we need to go through. After […]

Keep Conversation Going

A good orator always attracts attention. There is a reason behind it. They have good command over their language. They know when to talk, where to pause. Where to look while speaking. And the most important, the know how to keep conversation going. People love to be around them. To understand this is not rocket […]

Beware of Such Handwriting

Handwriting analysis helps in knowing people. Through a sample of handwriting, a lot comes out. With handwriting we know about their positive and negative personalities. It is not necessary to know the writer in person. Although it gives an upper hand to have good company. So with this knowledge we can help our self to […]

Hypnotic Trance

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. The person under hypnosis experiences trance. This is hypnotic trance. The trance allows a person to feel something beyond real. That is one of the reason hypnotherapists say deep trance during a session. What is Hypnotic Trance? This is a state of mind where conscious mind is less […]

Hypnosis with Finger Tip

Hypnosis is a very effective healing therapy. It provides treatment quicker than other communication therapies. There are several techniques of conducting hypnosis too. With experience one can learn to use different technique on different personality. Also hypnosis with finger tip is also one of the method. It is very interesting and informative. Hypnosis with Finger […]

Final Steps before Hypnosis Session

Hypnosis is an effective healing therapy. It is very beneficial in providing relief from several psychological issues. A hypnotherapist takes care of every step in the process. In this blog, final steps before hypnosis session are discussed. There are several pre-session activities too. Final Steps Before Hypnosis Sessions Now the client is with you. You […]